Stars No More: Celebrities That The World Has Forgotten

Megan Fox

Born on May 16, 1986, Megan Fox is an American actress and model.The actress debuted on the screen in 2001 in a movie titled Holiday in the Sun. This was followed by many supporting roles in film and television. Her big break, however, was as Mikaela Banes for the hit Transformers in 2007. She was the talk of the town then, and her images were widely being circulated, especially among teens.

Megan was recognized as one of the rising stars of Hollywood and has also appeared on the cover of various magazines. What is sad, however, is that her next projects did not receive the same degree of acclaim as that of Transformers. Her fading fame was reinforced when in 2010, she decided to marry Brian Austin Green, whom she divorced recently. Since their marriage, the actress has not appeared in major films. Starting 2019, however, she has been cast in various roles, so let us see where she will be in the next few years.